Robert Downey Jr. has nothing but compliments (and kisses) for chef Stanley Tucci

Robert Downey Jr. wears a blue blazer and blue tee with blue shades. Stanley Tucci wears a black suit.
Robert Downey Jr. was fed a several-course meal at Stanley Tucci’s “Casa Tucci.”
(Vianney Le Caer / Associated Press)
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It appears that Stanley Tucci holds the key to Robert Downey Jr.’s heart.

The “Oppenheimer” star, 58, enjoyed the fruits of Tucci’s labor at Casa Tucci, where he was fed a several-course meal that included penne with peas and the seafood dish cod alla Livornese, which Tucci describes as cod in a fresh tomato sauce with capers, onions, green olives, black olives, basil and “a little bit of garlic.”

Downey posted a montage of the evening on Instagram, which showed the “Devil Wears Prada” star wearing an apron as he stirred the dish, a very satiated Downey enjoying each bite, Tucci’s impressive collection of Le Creuset all-clad Dutch ovens, and Downey thanking Tucci by planting a wet one on his cheek.


Tucci mouths, “Aw, I’m so happy,” and the two stars embrace — all to the appropriately selected Frank Sinatra tune “When You’re Smiling.”

The “Iron Man” star praised Tucci’s wife, Felicity Blunt, for her hospitality, writing in the caption, “Dinner [at] Casa Tucci - Truly a gem of a fella, & Felicity made me feel like family. Check out [Stanley Tucci] in ‘Searching for Italy.’”

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July 10, 2023

How did Tucci and Downey come to feed each other pasta, you ask? Well, Downey stars with Emily Blunt in “Oppenheimer,” which opens Friday, and Blunt is the sister of the literary agent Felicity Blunt. The latter met Tucci at the premiere of “Devil Wears Prada,” which he appeared in alongside the former. So, really, it all makes perfect sense.

Tucci shared his own video on Instagram, saying he was actually cooking for a party of 12 and describing the ingredients needed to make the cod alla Livornese. Fans in the comments sections of both stars’ videos were naturally overwhelmed with FOMO.

“Not sure who is luckier. Stanley getting to hang with Robert, or Robert getting to hang with Stanley?” Don Emery wrote.

Claire Fuller commented, “Oh to be a guest at Stanley’s dinner party.”

Fittingly, the veteran actor and foodie went viral last spring for mixing a drink: “I have experienced my life, in a lot of ways, through my mouth,” he says.

Feb. 18, 2021

Tucci and Downey “at the same dinner table. I would be in heaven,” added Christine Chiocsky Haddad.


And Apollonia Kotero joked that her invite must have been left in the mail.

Tucci became an internet cooking sensation during the COVID-19 lockdown when a thirst-inducing video of the “Searching for Italy” star demonstrating how to make a negroni went viral.