THE MASTER LIST, 1971-1995

Season 1 (1971-72)

The First Churchills

The Spoils of Poynton

The Possessed

Pere Goriot

Jude the Obscure

The Gambler


Cold Comfort Farm

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Elizabeth R

The Last of the Mohicans

Season 2 (1972-73)

Vanity Fair

Cousin Bette

The Moonstone

Tom Brown's Schooldays

Point Counterpoint

The Golden Bowl

Season 3 (1973-74)

Clouds of Witness

The Man Who Was Hunting Himself

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club

The Little Farm

Upstairs, Downstairs--Series I

The Edwardians

Season 4 (1974-75)

Murder Must Advertise

Upstairs, Downstairs--Series II

Country Matters--Series I

Vienna 1990

The Nine Tailors

Season 5 (1975-76)

Shoulder to Shoulder

Notorious Woman

Upstairs, Downstairs--Series III

Cakes and Ale

Sunset Song

Season 6 (1976-77)

Madame Bovary

How Green Was My Valley

Five Red Herrings

Upstairs, Downstairs--Series IV

Poldark--Series I

Season 7 (1977-78)

Dickens of London

I, Claudius

Anna Karenina

Our Mutual Friend

Poldark--Series II

Season 8 (1978-79)

The Mayor of Casterbridge

The Duchess of Duke Street--Series I

Country Matters--Series II


Season 9 (1979-80)


Love for Lydia

The Duchess of Duke Street--Series II

My Son, My Son


Season 10 (1980-81)

Crime and Punishment

Pride and Prejudice

Testament of Youth

Danger UXB

Therese Raquin

Season 11 (1981-82)

A Town Like Alice

Edward and Mrs. Simpson

The Flame Trees of Thika

I Remember Nelson

Love in a Cold Climate


Season 12 (1982-83)

To Serve Them All My Days

The Good Soldier

Winston Churchill--The Wilderness Years

On Approval

Duke's Venture

Private Schultz

Sons and Lovers

Season 13 (1983-84)


The Citadel

The Irish RM--Series I

The Tale of Beatrix Potter

Nancy Astor

Season 14 (1984-85)

The Barchester Chronicles

The Jewel in the Crown

All For Love

Strangers and Brothers

Season 15 (1985-86)

The Last Place on Earth

Bleak House

Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy

By the Sword Divided--Series I

The Irish RM--Series II

Season 16 (1986-87)

Paradise Postponed

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Lost Empires

Silas Marner

Star Quality: Noel Coward Stories

The Death of the Heart

Love Song

Season 17 (1987-88)

The Bretts--Series I

Northanger Abbey

Sorrell and Son

Fortunes of War

Day After the Fair

David Copperfield

By the Sword Divided--Series II

Season 18 (1988-89)

A Perfect Spy

Heaven on Earth

A Wreath of Roses

A Very British Coup

All Passion Spent

Talking Heads: Bed Among the Lentils


The Charmer

The Bretts--Series II

Season 19 (1989-90)

And a Nightingale Sang

Precious Bane

Glory Enough For All

A Tale of Two Cities

The Yellow Wallpaper

After the War

The Real Charlotte

The Dressmaker


Piece of Cake

Season 20 (1990-91)

The Heat of the Day

The Ginger Tree

Jeeves and Wooster--Series I


A Room of One's Own

House of Cards

The Shiralee

Summer's Lease

Season 21 (1991-92)

A Murder of Quality


She's Been Away

Parnell and the Englishwoman

Titmuss Regained

Adam Bede

A Doll's House


Henry V

A Perfect Hero

Portrait of a Marriage

Season 22 (1992-93)

A Question of Attribution

The Best of Friends

Memento Mori

Two Monologues: In My Defense/A Chip in the Sugar

The Secret Agent

Jeeves & Wooster--Series II

The Countess Alice


The Blackheath Poisonings

Hedda Gabler

The Black Velvet Gown

Calling the Shots

Dr. Finlay--Series I

Season 23 (1993-94)

Selected Exits

Jeeves & Woosters--Series III

Where Angels Fear to Tread


To Play the King

Body & Soul


A Foreign Field

The Best Intentions

Season 24 (1994-95)

The Blue Boy

The Rector's Wife

Dandelion Dead

Dr. Finlay--Series II

Jeeves & Wooster--Series IV

The Cinder Path

Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzelwit

Hard Times

Much Ado About Nothing

Sharpe--Series II

Season 25 (1995-96)

The Buccaneers

The Great Kandinsky

The Choir

Prime Suspect--Series IV

Final Cut

The Politician's Wife

Others TBA

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