'Murder' Charges

It is a rarity to find class on television these days and it was a treat to see Angela Lansbury on your Sept. 24 cover. I am in the 18- 49-year-old age group they supposedly aim "Friends" at. If I wanted to see people in jeans with messy hair, I can look out my window any day. I would not watch that show under any circumstances.

D. Kentnor, Yucaipa


My wife and I have been "Murder, She Wrote" fans for 10 years and we too were upset to learn that our Sunday night murder mystery was moving. However, no matter where CBS moves Mrs. J.B. Fletcher, we will follow.

As far as the 18- to 49-year-old audience is concerned: Mrs. Fletcher has moved with the times. For instance, she dropped that old typewriter for a computer. Maybe she should have taken that old typewriter to the people at CBS responsible for moving her to a different time slot and dropped it on them! They could call that ... "Murder, She Typed."

Chris Largent, Bel-Air

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