Club Buzz: The Hillbilly Soul Surfers are making waves every Monday at the Lava Lounge, where for $2 you can witness the L.A. trio's original concoction of soul surf numbers, rockabilly surf and even a bit of "surf surf." . . . Speaking of cheap dates, the Roxbury and the Whisky have their free Mondays series of live alternative music, the Roxy offers a similar coverless Tuesday, and now Dayle Gloria's "Club With No Name" promotion, currently at Hollywood's Dragonfly on Sundays, has scrapped its cover charge. Who says you can't get something for nothing? . . . High Society, which features some of L.A.'s best deep house and funk deejays, moved to the Night Watch Restaurant & Club last week, at the the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood.

* Lava Lounge (213) 876-6612. Club With No Name (213) 466-6111. High Society (213) 466-9933.

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