Pugwhat? Town Is Awash in Fame

Associated Press

When the Nobel committee announced Friday that Joseph Rotblat and his Pugwash Conferences won the 1995 peace prize, many immediately asked, "Pugwhat?"

"Pugwhere" would have been more precise.

Pugwash is a fishing village of 775 people in western Nova Scotia, Canada, where scientists first got together in 1957 to try to protect humanity from their own inventions, namely nuclear weapons. The Pugwash Conferences are now held in the village every third year.

The people of Pugwash are thrilled to have their town associated with the Nobel Prize.

"This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to Pugwash," Town Council leader Harold Patterson, 63, said.

Beside the conferences, Pugwash also prides itself on having "the warmest waters in Nova Scotia."

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