Record Exec and Responsibility

Interscope Records' Jimmy Iovine seems to believe he can be responsible and "monitor" what his four children (ages 1 to 7) see and hear ("Vocal Session," Sept. 29).

He defends his "artists" who are creating what he sells. He doesn't "have a problem" with making people "uncomfortable" when they hear "what is really going on in our cities." He seems to think he can shelter his children from the effects of offensive creations by "artists" who are "overflowing with pure, natural talent."

It would be interesting to revisit Mr. Iovine in 10 years when his children are between 11 and 17 years old. Maybe then he will understand and appreciate the depth and seriousness of the problems involved. Can he also "monitor" what his children's friends, playmates, fellow students, casual acquaintances and others see and hear? Will he then begin to understand all the influences and experiences on a child's development and growth, hopefully, to maturity?

I predict Mr. Iovine and his wife will have some interesting years ahead of them as they learn about their children's world and how difficult it is for parents to protect and guide their children in a world full of trash, filth, pornography, violence, vulgarity and a lack of concern for the rights and feelings of others who want something better.

Mr. Iovine and others profit from this descent into the pits and seem to ignore where their roles lead in the future. They seem to lack understanding of those who do not want to join them there and attack and mislabel their critics, including Sen. Dole, politicians, conservatives, parents and others who are concerned and revolted. It is sad they cannot understand the basis of our disgust. Are they blinded by their desire for profits?



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