SOCIAL CLIMES : Richard's Barbra Steals the Show

Last week's International Doll Art show in Chicago attracted interest by celebrity doll collectors Demi Moore (who purchased four dolls), Anne Rice, Wes Craven and Elm Street pariah Robert Englund.

But living and breathing celebs were not the real excitement generators. It was Barbra Streisand who stole the show, despite exhibiting no vital signs at all.

Not to worry. The real Streisand was out on location. Unveiled at the show was a $10,000 one-of-a-kind doll Richard Simmons had commissioned in Babs' likeness.

Having fulfilled that desire--one so many of us secretly harbor--the manic fitness maven crowed, "I finally have a Barbra I can call my own."

O.J. Burgers: We're glad to see that in the midst of all the second-guessing, pontificating and punditry that arose in the aftermath of the Simpson verdict, at least one establishment had the decency to do the honorable thing--give a discount.

Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burger, which is regularly patronized by Al Cowlings, Arnelle and Jason Simpson and Johnnie C's coterie of bodyguards, celebrated the end of the Trial of the Century with two tasty specials.

One is the O.J. special: a simple burger, fries and drink for $3.50. There's also the Johnnie Cochran special, a turkey burger with sauteed onions, jack cheese on a wheat bun with small fries and pink lemonade for $4.25.

"Yes, Johnnie Cochran has come here and that's what he ordered." says owner Tamura Bennett, adding that Cochran usually has his bodyguards pick up his meal, but lately, "He's been fasting and eating vegetarian food."

Still Sponging: The Eternal House Guest, Part II: In another O.J.-related food event, the Social Climes staff spotted Kato Kaelin at a Silver Lake cafe / bakery last week. The former house guest, now incarnated as a radio personality, accepted the management's generous offer of a free cup of coffee and then helped himself to the plate of complimentary cake samples on the counter. It just goes to show--the trial may be over, but some things will always be the same.


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