BODY WATCH : Thigh Maven Somers Sets Her Sights Northward

Thighmaster mistress Suzanne Somers wants you to set your sights a little higher with the Buttmaster.

The actress, who stars in the ABC sitcom "Step by Step," turned 49 Monday. ("There's a confidence that comes with this age that I wouldn't trade for anything," she says.)

The shapely baby boomer and grandmother--"I was in the delivery room. . . . It was incredible. I touched her little finger"--spoke about her latest exercise device:

"I've been using the Buttmaster about six months now. Within the first couple of weeks, I was seeing a tightness and then after about two months there was a big difference. . . . It's my kind of exercise. I'm basically lazy."

Some of you may already have the Thighmaster; it won't go to waste. Says Somers: "We tested to see if we could do the Thighmaster and the Buttmaster at the same time, and you can and completely target the entire area all at once."

You know the area she's talking about. "As our inner thighs were dropping, I happened to notice that so were our butts," she says with a laugh. "Alan [Hamel, her husband and manager] says that my butt--and he's the one who would know best--looks like it's an inch higher than it used to be. So the Buttmaster must be doing something. Now I just do it for maintenance, just to keep it up."

The Buttmaster ($29, including video) is sold in stores or you can order by calling (800) 803-8855 starting Friday.


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