SPECIAL DELIVERY: Jokes comparing the U.S. Postal...

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Jokes comparing the U.S. Postal Service and the Pony Express may no longer apply. . . . That's because efficiency is at an all-time high in the San Fernando Valley, according to independent testing by Price Waterhouse. During the quarter ending in September, 90% of mail in the Van Nuys Postal District arrived on time. That's up 4% from the same period last year and 3% above the national average. What's going on? . . . "More attention on service," says spokeswoman Terri Bouffiou.

SMALL WORLD: Knarig Boyadjian was born in Beirut of Armenian heritage. She's now a proud American citizen and resident of Van Nuys. So what was she doing at the Australian consulate the other day? Receiving Australia's Golden Dove International Poetry Award for her book "The Music of Crystals--Poems for Humanity." . . . The award was bestowed on Boyadjian for her contribution to international understanding and peace.

PAYING FOR O.J.: The city of Burbank isn't kidding about making NBC pay for the hoopla surrounding its canceled interview with O.J. Simpson. An itemized bill for $26,730.85 is in the mail. It includes $24,463 in Police Department costs. Police Chief David P. Newsham wrote that police service to the city was substantially delayed by the canceled interview and the protesters it drew. . . . No response from the network.

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