Face Disgrace

So, "The Man Without a Face" ("A Wolf in Chef's Clothing," Oct. 5) is really just that cosmopolitan kind of guy, "a jolly bon vivant " and "dashing world traveler" with a "relaxed smile" and "engaging manner," who has a "keen appreciation of Russian social customs." The Germans tried to "pin" terrorism on him, those rascals! The domestic victims of his agency's terror network, the Western intelligence agents who lost their lives fighting him, the oppressive order he supported--irrelevant. He wrote a cookbook! A Russian cookbook! Never been done before! Deserves Page 1, with the full People treatment! Next, the rehabilitation of O.J.--"The 'Juice' Cookbook: Fruit Drinks of the NFL"! Nice guys need money!

--DANILA B. ODER, Los Angeles

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