All-Cotton Tampon Due Out in January: Tambrands...

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All-Cotton Tampon Due Out in January: Tambrands Inc. said it will introduce the first U.S.-made all-cotton tampon in January in response to consumer demand for more natural products. The new product, Tampax Naturals, will not contain rayon fibers, which are used in most other tampon products. The new product is in response to "consumers who have told us if we can make as natural a product as can be, they will be willing to pay a premium," Tambrands spokesman Bruce Garren said. Tampax Naturals will be sold at a 10% to 15% higher wholesale cost. Tambrands and rival Playtex Products Inc. were sued last year by two Kansas women who claimed viscous rayon is associated with toxic shock syndrome, which can be fatal. The companies deny that the traditional products pose a health threat.

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