THOUSAND OAKS : Jury Deliberates in Molestation Case

The course of Gloria (GiGi) Goldman's life now rests with the six men and six women sitting in judgment of her.

Either she is a child molester who betrayed the trust of a 15-year-old Thousand Oaks neighbor boy who called her "Aunt GiGi" and started a wild and varied sexual relationship with the teen-ager.

Or she is the victim of the sexual fantasies and desires of a hurtful and sinister teen-ager given to braggadocio.

The jury in the molestation case started deliberations Thursday afternoon in Ventura County Superior Court after attorneys for both sides delivered their closing arguments.

"She said close your eyes and pretend that you're older and I'm younger," said Deputy Dist. Atty. Mark Pachowitz, explaining how he believes the relationship began. "Then she kissed him and hugged him and groped him."

But defense attorney Neil Quinn countered that the boy's stories were gleaned from pornographic magazines and movies.

"This is a young man who got his ideas of sexuality from Penthouse Forum and porno videos," Quinn said. "So these stories probably don't sound that outlandish to him."

The teen-ager, now 19, testified that he and Goldman entered into a sexual relationship that lasted 2 1/2 years. In that time, the teen-ager estimated, the two engaged in as many as 1,000 sex acts. He testified to having had sex on a ski lift and on top of a houseboat while Goldman's husband slept below.

Goldman and her husband Don divorced last year, but he testified in her behalf during the trial. Goldman, who is charged with 32 felony counts, has denied the charges. The jury is set to resume deliberations today.

If convicted, Goldman faces up to five years in prison.

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