L.A. Benched / Week 8

When the Rams Left for St. Louis, They Retired Most of His Numbers

He has worked 555 football games, including 430 in which he has been chief statistician, but now the games come tougher for Ned Miller.

UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl, the Freedom Bowl ceased to exist, and the Rams, who paid Miller $200 a game to keep tabs on every play, took off for St. Louis.

"I'm still doing USC games; this is my 40th year with USC. But still it's been quite an adjustment since the Rams left," said Miller, who drove from Northridge to Ram home games for 19 years.

"I cry a little bit now; I just loved the games and I'm missing it."

At one time or another, Miller, his wife, son and two daughters have charted plays for the Rams. And while the Rams paid Miller $200 a game, Miller's staff of 18--eight who would work each game on a rotating basis--received nothing.

"The money I got from the Rams went toward an end-of-the-year party each season, with awards and prizes for everybody," Miller said.

"I think they knew they had me over a barrel. They knew I would have worked for nothing."


* It was 70 degrees at 10 a.m. in Los Angeles Sunday with 0% chance of precipitation and 0% chance of professional football.

* Six years ago Sunday, the Rams began the day 5-1, but lost to visiting New Orleans, 40-21, before 57,567.

* Former Raider Marcus Allen on Sunday became the fourth player in NFL history to rush for 100 touchdowns.

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