LAGUNA HILLS : Council Sticks to New Business Ordinance

A final attempt to ease restrictions in a recently adopted ordinance regulating commercial signs and home businesses fell short at a City Council meeting this week.

Two council members and several representatives of the local business community made a last-ditch plea for the changes Tuesday during a final reading of the ordinance. A majority of the council gave the ordinance its first approval two weeks ago.

"By approving this code, you will make a change [from being known] as a business-friendly council," Councilman Randal J. Bressette said.

Bressette and Councilwoman Cindy Greengold unsuccessfully urged the council majority to allow temporary signs such as sale banners to be posted for 117 days during the year, instead of the 45 days allowed under the ordinance.

"I think the community has the right to expect that we will monitor certain minimal standards of order and clutter," Councilman R. Craig Scott said. "Certain areas [of the city] do look trashy."

As for home businesses, Bressette and Greengold said they wanted the amount of garage space allowed for merchandise storage to be expanded. They also opposed a provision that will require home businesses to register with the city.

In the end, the two council members won one concession that added a provision prohibiting any fee to be charged by the city for home business registration.

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