BATTY IDEA: Those pesky midges continue to...

BATTY IDEA: Those pesky midges continue to bug residents near Irvine's man-made lakes. First, Woodbridge Village residents poured chemicals to kill the gnat-like insects that breed at the bottom of the lake. But the midges have become increasingly resistant. . . . New plan: Its homeowners association will build small bat houses around the lake--to encourage bats to take up residence and prey on the insects. . . . The idea came from Austin, Tex., known as America's bat capital. A single bat is capable of eating 8,000 insects a night.

COWBOYS & DUCKS: Mighty Duck Coach Ron Wilson and two assistant coaches visited the Dallas Cowboys' practice Wednesday afternoon as the Ducks prepared to play the Dallas Stars tonight. But not everybody was impressed by the coaches' glimpse of the Cowboys. . . . "Hey, Oleg, I'll tell Deion hello for you," Wilson teased Duck defenseman Oleg Tverdovsky, who is from the Ukraine. "Who?" Tverdovsky said. "Deion Sanders," teammate Jason York said to Tverdovsky. "Football player, just signed a contract for about $500 million?" Tverdovsky shook his head. Never heard of him.

HAUNTED HOUSE? The Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana has been the setting for receptions, reunions, movie and theater productions, and an occasional trial. Now add Halloween fun for adults. . . . Ghost of a Party Productions of Costa Mesa is putting on a Halloween show there tonight--with a no-host bar. . . . The courthouse also has a new face lift: The county has spent $138,000 replacing many shattered floor tiles in the entryway.

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