INSIDE & OUT : Fluidity

Sometimes you just go with the flow.

Curves and a bit of whimsy are characteristic of furniture designer Wolfgang Meyer-Raessler’s line, which has been used in films, including “Wall Street,” and on the sets of shows for ABC, CBS, NBC and MTV.

The Gloria chaise longue ($2,190), Institution club chair ($990) and Serpente and Barocco valets ($250 each) are examples of Meyer-Raessler’s use of contours and natural shapes to create the illusion of motion. The chaise longue and chair, both in blue velvet, take Art Deco style one step further by giving it a touch of the avant-garde.

The 70-piece collection, which is manufactured in Italy, also includes tables, lamps and hampers.


Meyer-Raessler acquired his architectural style while renovating apartments, offices and homes throughout Europe. In addition to his original works, he also reproduces classics of the 20th Century.

For information, call (212) 219-0013.

Hooking Up

Now, you can take it with you.


The PhoneClip holder and carrier, designed by Irvin Snyder of Woodland Hills, lets you carry your cordless telephones without using your hands.

The clip, which is made of nylon pack cloth and Velcro, attaches to the phone and doesn’t need to be removed when it’s on the hook recharging. The holder has a stainless steel clip for attaching to belts, pockets and pants.

“The PhoneClip appeals to do-it-yourselfers, gardeners, parents or anyone requiring or desiring their cordless telephone to be on or near them,” Snyder says.

The clip ($5.79, includes shipping and handling) fits all cordless phones, including flip models. Orders should be sent to Recreation Products Inc., 5926 Rod Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

Safe and Sound

Keep your important documents and jewelry from being destroyed in a fire with the Sentry Fire-Safe, which has a state-of-the-art, user-programmable electronic lock.

The safe has two access lock options for entry--a permanent factory code that remains in the memory even if the battery fails and a code you can select and change in seconds.

For theft protection, an automatic timed lockout activates after three incorrect tries.


The safe (about $250 at stores throughout the county) has a 1.01-cubic-foot interior capacity and, during testing, withstood temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour.

For information, call (800) 828-1438.