LAST STAND: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library's popular Civil War exhibit closes Sunday after a record-breaking run that has drawn 106,000 visitors to the hilltop museum near Simi Valley. . . . "We felt we had a hit on our hands when it opened in April, but the numbers continue to snowball," spokeswoman Lynda Schuler said. "The people in this end of the country don't get to see this sort of thing." . . . Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's saddle and the original draft of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" are among 200 items to return to museums and private collections.

GOOD COPS: Before they took to the streets Friday afternoon, Oxnard's special anti-gang patrol rolled into Suzette Privitelli's fourth-grade class at Larsen School. . . . The officers were lured by a sheaf of drawings and letters like student Vanessa Ramos' work. "Our class appreciates you saving our city," she wrote. . . . To which Sgt. Dan Christian replied: "This is the kind of thing that melts a cop's heart."

OFF THE RACK: A federal judge's ruling has cleared the way for Thousand Oaks to clean sexually explicit magazines out of coin-operated racks (B1). . . . The City Council agreed in June to take advantage of a state law banning the sale of such material on street corners, pending the judge's ruling. And the matter will probably be pursued at a Nov. 7 council meeting. . . . "That's what this is all about," Councilwoman Elois Zeanah said, "keeping adult materials out of the hands of minors."

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