Although I'm quite appalled at the news of the cruelty toward cats depicted in three current films (Film Clips, Oct. 15), I'm indebted to writer Chris Riemenschneider for making all cat lovers aware of such!

To cat lover Carrie Freeman, who can't think of a movie with a cat as the lovable star, I refer her to the classic 1951 film, "Rhubarb!," starring Ray Milland. (But to me, the film starred Rhubarb and featured Ray Milland.)


Los Angeles


Don't forget "That Darn Cat," starring Hayley Mills (1965).


Studio City


I would like to add Spike Lee's "Crooklyn" to the list of movies that abuse cats--and in this case a dog, also--to get a laugh.

I didn't laugh when a child in the film swung a black cat by its tail to the amusement of his friends and, strangely, the audience. "Crooklyn" doesn't stop there. Later in the film, a small dog is apparently crushed and suffocated inside a fold-up bed, and its body pops out when the bed is unfolded. Many in the audience laughed long and loudly at both the poor dog and its distraught owner. It was a "big comic moment." I was nauseated.


Long Beach

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