Tokyo Cult a Threat to U.S., Panel Told

<i> Reuters</i>

A Japanese doomsday cult accused of the March gas attack on Tokyo subways sought technology in the United States, weapons of mass destruction in Russia and uranium ore in Australia, a Senate panel was told Tuesday.

Staff investigators told the Senate Permanent Investigations subcommittee that they found evidence to suggest that the Aum Supreme Truth cult was a clear danger not only to the Japanese government but also to the security interests of the United States.

Investigator John Sopko quoted Japanese sources as saying the cult might have tried to instigate a war between the United States and Japan this month.

Sopko said Supreme Truth set up a New York office in 1987 that sought to obtain high-tech equipment, computer software and hardware and other items.


Investigator Alen Edelan said there was no evidence that military equipment had been sent to Supreme Truth from the United States.