Central Los Angeles : Old Toys Get All Dolled Up for Charity

A thousand Girl Scouts banded together to dress up hundreds of old dolls that will be sold at Goodwill stores throughout Los Angeles this holiday season to raise money for the charity.

All 700 dolls, each dressed in new clothing by the Girl Scouts, were collected near Downtown at the headquarters of the Goodwill Industries of Southern California over the weekend.

Goodwill is a nonprofit agency that provides job training and placement for people with disabilities.

The newly dressed dolls will be distributed to the 26 Goodwill stores by the end of the week.


The dolls will be sold for $5 to $15 apiece, said Beth Ann Steele, coordinator of the doll project. If all of them are sold, the money would pay for wages for one day of work for 175 Goodwill employees.

Goodwill volunteers started gathering the old dolls in May, Steele said. The dolls were then undressed and sent out to Girl Scout troops.

The scouts were given directions to make new clothing for the dolls in various categories for which they would later be judged, such as best traditional baby-doll to best “dressed in green” doll, Steele said.