Tarzana : LEARN Director to Meet With Parents

The head of the LEARN education reform program will discuss ways to invigorate public schools during the Parents for Public Schools meeting Thursday at Wilbur Avenue Elementary School in Tarzana.

Mike Roos of the Los Angeles Educational Alliance for Restructuring Now will talk about the value of increasing school autonomy in the massive Los Angeles Unified School District, a goal that Parents for Public Schools shares, according to Kande Grabiner of PPS.

The fledgling Los Angeles branch of PPS is made up of parents who have transferred their children from private to public schools and are encouraging other parents to do likewise. Members support public schools as the best chance to preserve free education and ethnic diversity in the San Fernando Valley, Grabiner said.

During the meeting, Ann Duffy, a PPS director, will discuss the group’s history from its inception in 1989.


In two years, the Jackson, Miss., branch of the group grew from about 20 members to 700, according to Grabiner. In the process, PPS fought for--and won--a $35.2-million school ballot initiative, Jackson’s first in more than 20 years, she said.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the school auditorium, 5213 Crebs Ave., Tarzana. For information, call (818) 345-1090.