Ben-Hur (KCAL Sunday at 7 p.m.), William...

Ben-Hur (KCAL Sunday at 7 p.m.), William Wyler’s Oscar-laden 1959 remake of the silent classic, features a great sea battle and the famous chariot race between Charleton Heston and Stephen Boyd.

Indecent Proposal (ABC Sunday at 9 p.m.) is so unintentionally silly that all you can do is bow your head in bemusement. This trashy 1993 peek into the lives of the rich and the fatuous wonders what would happen if an idyllic but suddenly impoverished young couple (Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson) ran into a billionaire (Robert Redford) who offered $1 million for a very close encounter with the Mrs.

One obvious problem “Proprosal” has is that another film already asked that same question in a very different way. Andrew Bergman’s engaging 1992 Honeymoon in Vegas (NBC Monday at 9 p.m.) involves Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker and James Caan in an identical situation, but treats it as an absurd farce, not one of the ponderous moral dilemmas of the age.

Pale Rider (KCOP Thursday at 8 p.m.) is a 1985 virtual remake of “Shane,” which director-star Clint Eastwood mixes with a little samurai flash and the spooky supernatural overtones of “High Plains Drifter.” As director, Eastwood shows force, crispness, irony and sentiment; as the hero, he radiates a tough, leathery charisma.


In Top Gun (KCOP Saturday at 6 p.m.), the 1986 mega-hit flyboy beefcake fantasy, rival hunks (Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer) leer at each other during flight training and then join hands to kill The Enemy and soar off into the Wild Red Yonder. (An irrelevant romance with Calvin Klein-clad physicist Kelly McGillis masks the subtext.) It’s “Captains of the Clouds” or “I Wanted Wings” rehashed, shot with the swank virtuosity of the average TV beer commercial and backed by a soundtrack that suggests a Disco War--with Giorgio Moroder and the Righteous Brothers as opposing generals.

With Omar Sharif in the title role of Doctor Zhivago (KCET Saturday at 9 p.m.) and Julie Christie as his great love heading a starry cast, David Lean made a beautiful, sometimes absorbing but also ponderous blockbuster from the Boris Pasternak novel.