Write on for old ‘SC!The Trojans’ football...

Write on for old ‘SC!

The Trojans’ football teams have two embarrassing streaks going: their failure to beat Notre Dame for 13 years and their failure to beat UCLA for five years.

But Mark Valsi of Sierra Madre found another statistic that should cheer up the Trojans and their beleaguered fans. He sent along an Associated Press story on the discovery of a bronze seal bearing hieroglyphics in the ancient city of Troy.

The seal reveals something archeologists “always had assumed but never could prove,” the article said. “Trojans could write.” And that proud streak dates back 3,000 years.


GRATEFUL TRIBUTES: Three objects named for the leader of the Grateful Dead, who died last August:

* Cherry Garcia Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry’s)

* Jerry Garcia Suite (Beverly Prescott Hotel)

And, now, the . . .

* Jerry Garcia Asteroid (it’s 100 miles across and orbits between Mars and Jupiter--you know the one). Confirmed by the International Astronomical Union the other day, the name was offered by two Arizona astronomers who count themselves as Deadheads.

And, one of the Dead’s hits was “Dark Sun.”

DEPARTMENT OF REDUNDANCY DEPT.: Keleigh Hardie of Reseda came upon a milk carton that seems to be trying to make a point about fat content.

Speaking of word play, Ron Matejcek suggests an “Oxymoron of the Day offering. Oxymorons are self-contradictory terms like: jumbo shrimp , military intelligence , congressional ethics and (at least for some) marital bliss . I’m sure your readers can come up with some other examples.”

That reminds us that we’ve always been fond of taking our children to frolic in an industrial park .

DRIVING CONCEPTS AS SPACEY AS THE JERRY GARCIA ASTEROID: Some breakthroughs that appeared in the Auto Club’s old magazine, Touring Topics:

* “The Clifford Cigar Windshield is a new article that will appeal to all motorists who are cigar smokers. It is made of asbestos tissue that fits firmly over the end of a cigar so . . . no sparks or ashes are liberated to blow in the eyes or over the clothes of other occupants.” (1915)

* “A.E. Smith of Illinois has conceived the idea of a taxi service between New York and L.A. He not only will attend to the driving but also will carry a valet to look after the baggage. . . . As the business grows, it is said that Mr. Smith proposes to add a manicure and massage service.” (1915)

* “Word has come from San Diego that the district attorney has determined that fast racing between L.A. and San Diego must stop. He is said to have deputized a number of farmers residing along the route . . . to keep a watchful eye.” (1909)

miscelLAny We hate to see this kind of story come out during the holiday season. Michael Cavanaugh of L.A. noticed an ad for a bottle of wine that seems to have been packaged by the Prince of Darkness. Obviously, it’s the devil’s brew. Or is that redundant?