Ventura County Weekend : VIDEO GAMES : 2 Readers Weigh In on Primal Rage


I’m quick to admit that I don’t know everything. Readers are often quick to point it out, too. Your e-mail and letters help The Times decide which games to review and which ones to pass on. So if you think we’re not hitting the games you want, let us know by sending a note to the addresses below.

George Derk and Marc Rickenbach of Thousand Oaks did just that. They wanted to let me know what they thought of Primal Rage, the dinosaur fighting game reviewed a few weeks back. For the record, I loved it.

Here’s what George and Marc had to say:

“Primal Rage is really an exciting game the first time you play it. But after a while it starts to get boring. We suggest you rent it before you decide to get it. The great thing about this game is that you get to choose your controls, how many credits and if you want the gore on or off in the gore switch menu.


“This game is packed with Dinos and Apes you wouldn’t believe. But at the player select screen the graphics are kind of fuzzy and unclear. Primal Rage is a very fast-moving game with great controls and great playability.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, we give this game a 5!”

Thanks, George and Marc.

Staff writer Aaron Curtiss reviews video games regularly.