Ex-Stripper Gets 4-Year Prison Term for Trying to Extort $80,000 From Elderly Man


Calling the attempted extortion of an elderly man duped into loving a stripper a "cruel act," a Ventura County judge issued the harshest possible sentence he could Wednesday when he sentenced the former stripper, Robin Goebel, to four years in prison.

A jury had convicted Goebel, 31, of Simi Valley and Louis Ottilo, 57, of Canyon Country for trying to extort $80,000 from Joseph Nakashima, 72, of Gardena this year. Nakashima was a regular at a Los Angeles strip club where Goebel danced under the stage name Bobbi.

Goebel and Nakashima struck up a 15-month relationship and often discussed marriage, investigators said.

In February, Goebel invited Nakashima to her Simi Valley apartment for a belated Valentine's Day celebration. While the two sat on her couch and discussed marriage, Ottilo burst in, pointed a gun at them and demanded $80,000.

When Nakashima tried to withdraw $40,000 from his bank, an alert teller notified police and the extortion plot unraveled. Investigators said Goebel and Ottilo were in cahoots, and both admitted to the extortion plan in court. Ottilo is to be sentenced Dec. 15.

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