Waiting for Donahue to Make Up His Mind

Has Jim Murray [Dec. 7] finally cracked? Comparing an incredible underachiever like Terry Donahue with the likes of Vince Lombardi and Knute Rockne has to cross the lines of responsible journalism. Here's a coach who has had some of the best football talent in the country for 20 years and can't win a national championship. Check out the NFL rosters and see what school has the most pro players. Donahue's teams are traditionally out of shape, undisciplined and poorly motivated.


Los Angeles


I can only assume that Mr. Murray's comparison on Rockne, Bryant, Warner and Donahue was based on the fact that Knute Rockne never won a Rose Bowl over Iowa.


Beverly Hills


If Terry Donahue does quit at UCLA, the powers that be had better select their next coach from a short list consisting of Rick Neuheisel, Gary Barnett or Sonny Lubick. The UCLA football program needs to take it to the next level and all three of those gentlemen will definitely do that. In addition, they will continue the tradition of running a clean program and stressing academics.




I love Terry Donahue. He is one of the world's great human beings. But what's he going to say as an announcer? Is he going to suggest to programs such as Brigham Young that they need to run the ball up the middle?

Terry just stated that if Karim Abdul-Jabbar returns for the Aloha Bowl, he'll scrap the entertaining, wide-open offense he used to beat Northwestern's next victim and return to the running game.



Woodland Hills

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