ET TU, ZOMBIE: The last place you'd expect the new White Zombie video to turn up is in the the hallowed halls of UCLA's Latin language studies department. But that's where the new clip of the song "Super Charger Heaven" ended up after MTV, during its evaluation of the new clip's suitability, became concerned about some words of a sampled speech in the middle of the video. The cable channel sent UCLA professor Martin Carrigeen a copy in order to get an authoritative translation.

What the professor found was a dramatization of a heresy trial in which a man accused of blasphemy for thinking that he is God is told, in the literal translation, "You are working in your heart, you are not God, never are you in unity, and you are common, out of union in despite of God."

MTV then accepted the clip, relieved that the sample contained no profanity or sexual content. Discussion of heresy is apparently fine.

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