THE GOODS : They'll Know If You Get the Message


Finding a phone to answer someone who's paging you isn't a problem with Motorola's new Tango. It's the first two-way pager that not only receives messages but returns them as well.

Tango, about the size of regular pagers, operates on a AAA battery using Motorola's Reflex two-way transmission protocol. Users can select a reply message from 120 preprogrammed messages, such as "Will Call Later," "Yes," and "No." Or users can respond from a list of multiple choice replies.

The pager ($399) also has a personal message folder for storing important information. It will operate on SkyTel's paging network. The monthly cost will vary.

For information, (800) 520-PAGE.


B-ball in Your Court: Motorola also has some good news for pro basketball fans. The company has introduced a SportsTrax for basketball, a wireless sports news wire monitor similar to its baseball monitor.

With the push of a button, users can see on the screen the teams, game score, quarter, time remaining, which team had possession of the ball at last score and more. The monitor weighs only 3.5 ounces and operates on two AAA batteries (included). It will track games through the 1998-99 season.

The SportsTrax for basketball and baseball costs $199; both models are available at Brookstone stores or through the Brookstone catalog, (800) 351-7222.


A Little Flaky: Devotees of in-line roller skating might want to try a new challenge--snow skating.

Sled Dogs' Model SD250 boots, at $279, look like ski boots, but they have flat polyurethane bottoms with (replaceable) metal edging, so you can ski/skate right on them. They're lighter than skis, and poles are not needed to twist down a mountain.

The boots come in blue or burgundy. Call Sled Dogs Co. in St. Paul, Minn. at (800) SKATE-ON.

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