Column on Tolerance Drew Positive Feedback

* Since my column “Making Tolerance a Part of the Curriculum” [Oct. 29] was published, I have received phone calls requesting information, and some comments, almost all positive. My questionnaire was requested; I learned that other teachers have asked similar questions of their students, and outside organizations have submitted advice.

I received information from an organization that uses conflict resolution with students who are Israelis and Palestinians. There is similar work being done in Hawaii with respect to gangs. The ADL has a program called “A World of Difference,” and the Museum of Tolerance continues to teach students through its presentation. It is the old story that as you work on a project, you begin to generate more information and learn that there are others working on the same thing.

With these examples, I have a good feeling that many people and many countries are studying and working to reduce intolerance. With all these diverse people and regions, there should be some central point for information-gathering, such as the Internet, to enable people to discuss and learn about whatever is available on the subject. There is no doubt that the road to eradicating this “disease” is a long one, but if we can unite on the information, maybe it will go faster.



Canoga Park