Whittaker Gets Contract for Anti-Icing Valves


A division of Simi Valley-based Whittaker Corp. has received a contract for 143 improved flow-control valves to be installed on a fleet of DC-8 cargo jets operated by United Parcel Service.

The new anti-icing valves are produced by the company’s Whittaker Controls division. They will replace original valves made by Whittaker 30 years ago.

Jay Fernandes, president of Whittaker Aerospace Group, said the redesigned valves have improved reliability and provide up to a 75% reduction in replacement costs.


“This redesigned valve also creates for us the opportunity to retrofit the other 200 DC-8 aircraft that are still in service with passenger and cargo carriers around the world,” Fernandes said.

He did not disclose the value of the UPS contract, but said the valves will be installed during the next six months.