Council Puts Brakes on 4th Stoplight

Ojai will remain a three-stoplight town, at least for the time being.

The City Council voted Tuesday against the installation of a proposed fourth signal until more study is done on how to minimize its visual impact.

Proposed nearly a decade ago, and in the works for more than two years, the stoplight is seen by many residents as a barometer of Ojai's future.

Although nearly 400 residents signed a petition last summer for a signal light at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Ojai Avenue, many residents say tranquil Ojai just wasn't meant to be a four-stoplight town.

Three of the five council members agreed: "Sometimes, with traffic lights, you have to say enough is enough," Councilman Steve Olsen said. "Sometimes, a stand has to be made. We don't want one on every corner."

But Mayor Nina Shelley, who voted for the light, insists it is necessary.

"Nobody likes traffic lights, but as mayor, it is my primary responsibility to make sure Ojai is a safe place to live," Shelley said.

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