Customers Overwhelm Cox Cable


Cox Communications officials knew that adding several new channels would be popular with their customers. What the cable company failed to anticipate was that it would need additional telephone lines.

Response to the new cable lineup Jan. 1 has overwhelmed the company’s switchboard, making it difficult for customers to reach the order desk, officials said Thursday. Cox Communications serves about 200,000 households in South County.

“We are not out of order or out of business; we’re here,” spokeswoman Carol Stercevic said.


The promotion has boosted customer calls to about 400 an hour, Stercevic said, from about 250 previously, but “there’s definitely relief in sight.”

The company has added a dozen phone lines, she said, and expanded its staff to handle the calls.

There is also an automated system that answers basic questions such as account balances: (714) 240-1212. And a fax line--(714) 443-1096--has been reserved for customer questions.

New channels include Encore, the Weather Channel, Outdoor Life and the Learning Channel.

A package is also available that includes Comedy Central, Sci-Fi, the History Channel, Turner Classic Movies and the Cartoon Network.

The new channels are not available in all parts of South County yet but will be by year’s end, Cox officials said.