Environmental Laws

Gov. Pete Wilson plans to end cleanups of contaminated soils from leaking underground fuel tanks, to continue to forestall the ban on toxic, ozone-depleting methyl bromide and cut back goals for the production of zero emission vehicles and other efforts to improve air quality. Newt Gingrich and his crew plan to open our remaining pristine forests and rivers to the ravages of mining and logging. Anti-environment zealots in Congress are pushing to gut the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act and U.S. participation in agreements to phase out activities that contribute to global warming and ozone depletion.

I expressed my sense of loss, anger and despair about the above to my fiancee. Her only response was, “Don’t these people have grandchildren?” This left me wondering what conceivable “higher purpose” these elected representatives are serving with their shortsighted actions. I can only surmise that some perceived economic gains are, in their minds, worth risking the quality of life of their children as well as our own. Some trade-off!


Long Beach