Southeast : Pupils Give Cupid an Assist With Valentines for Bosnia

Some U.S. troops in Bosnia need not be lovelorn Feb. 14, thanks to the hearty efforts of students at William McKinley Elementary School in Long Beach. All of the 910 students there are crafting Valentines to be airlifted to Tuzla in time for Cupid’s holiday.

The school received $200 from the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to cover the cost of materials and the students received a social studies lesson on the sending of U.S. peacekeeping forces to Bosnia.

“It’s a project that touched on different subjects and fit right into our global education approach,” said McKinley Principal Duane Maeda.


Messages, like the art, varied. Wrote Robert Nesbit, 6, “I feel sad because you are by yourself. Good Luck.”

Conceived by VFW member and former state Assemblyman Dick Floyd of Gardena, the Valentine’s project is the Bosnian equivalent of Operation Desert Storm’s yellow ribbons and “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers. . . .