Column Was Unfair to Rockpointe Board


Scott Harris’ flippant Jan. 18 column (“What Disaster Has Joined Together, Money Has Torn Asunder”) about the Rockpointe Homeowners Assn. in Chatsworth missed the point.

Damage from the 1994 earthquake was substantial at the Rockpointe townhomes, yet we are now near the end of the rebuilding process, while many Valley condo associations are still struggling with the complexities of recovery.

Harris writes about the weak complaints of a few and digs no further.

Rockpointe’s board members--unpaid volunteers--did an exceptional job for their homeowner neighbors. They were the right people in the right place at the right time, including John Fochtman, whose name Harris misspelled.


Go back to sleep, Mr. Harris.



* Mr. Harris, if this is all you have to write about, perhaps you should go look for other work. You are way off base in trying to create a scenario out of the Rockpointe Homeowners Assn.’s settlement of earthquake repair. John Grisham will need a lot more than this.

Our homes have been restored to a good condition and every building in the complex has been completely painted on the exterior. If Ms. [Sandra] Kamin thinks something funny is going on, perhaps she should get involved in her homeowners association. Our board consists of homeowners like herself who have volunteered their time and ability to bring us through this. They had no experience in handling the complex issues that had to be faced and surely some mistakes were made, but they did their best.

The homeowners of this complex are truly indebted to these conscientious, sincere, dedicated people.

As for you, Mr. Harris, I think you should check your facts before you print. If you are looking for suspicion and intrigue, you have come to the wrong place.



Editor’s Note: Scott Harris responds to these comments and others in his column today. B1.