Businesses to Look at Work Force of Future

About 200 local business leaders are meeting today at Moorpark College to discuss ways the community college can produce students well-versed in the latest computer and telecommunications technology.

The discussion is the first of four designed to bring corporate leaders to the college campus to exchange ideas, said President Jim Walker.

“One effect is to involve the corporate community in Moorpark College,” he said, “and to discuss significant issues, like technology.”

This round-table discussion, “Educating and Training Tomorrow’s Work Force Today: The Impact of the Information Superhighway,” will include speakers from Kinko’s Corp., the city of Moorpark and local businesses.

They will speak to college administrators and representatives of other local companies about how their companies use computers to access, develop and manage information.


“We are going to talk about what we as a community college need to do to better provide education to people who are going to be employees in [high-tech] areas,” Walker said.