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Is the Clock Ticking?: "60 Minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley has a "window" coming in his contract that lets him talk to other networks and could lead to his departure from CBS. Bradley, 54, who sources say makes $3 million a year, could leave the newsmagazine this summer but would not be allowed to work for another network for some months after that. He is said to be tiring of the constant travel on "60 Minutes," which he joined in 1981, but still enjoying the work. Both ABC and NBC are interested in hiring him, but sources at CBS say the network will put up a fight to keep him, not only for "60 Minutes" but also as a possible successor to "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather, 64. Asked Thursday whether he was leaning toward leaving "60 Minutes" or staying, Bradley told The Times, "I'm not leaning either way yet--I'm standing straight up."


Di: The TV Movie: CBS Entertainment hopes to capitalize on the furor over the Prince and Princess of Wales' pending divorce by airing "Princess in Love," a two-hour movie about Princess Diana's acknowledged affair with Capt. James Hewitt, her former riding instructor. Based on Anna Pasternak's best-selling book and directed by Emmy winner David Greene ("Roots," "Rich Man, Poor Man"), the movie is slated to air on CBS in May.

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