Stubs Hurt More Than the Snubs at Chasen's

At last week's post-Grammy fete at Chasen's, thrown by PolyGram, the Social Climes staff observed the rolling stones causing quite a problem. It had nothing to do with Mick & Co. They weren't even there.

What we refer to was the decorated entrance to the venerable restaurant (open only for special occasions now) that featured an Oriental garden with a tunnel lined with gravel, stones and moss-covered spheres. Although it looked impressive, many a stiletto heel, Armani shoe and snakeskin boot had trouble negotiating the walkway. Many people tripped over the stones.

By mid-evening, the tranquil Zen motif was transformed into the suburban driveway look, as the stones were removed to facilitate entrance and egress. The moss that had gathered, however, was allowed to remain.

Attention, Power Cereal Users: It seems people will collect almost anything these days. Case in point: One cyberspace citizen has posted ads all over the Internet offering a fast dollar for every empty cereal box you send him, actually $10 for every seven. Now, before you empty out your recycling bin, we should point out that not every box of Cocoa Puffs and Cheerios is worth a greenback, but the ad does list dozens of special and regional issue Wheaties, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes and others that could make eating a balanced breakfast an even more economical proposition. It's enough to bring new meaning to the question, "Got Milk?"

Live! From Hollywood Hills Guess you had to be there . . . Not! It's been said in entertainment circles that there are two kinds of comedians--those who are subdued in their spare time and those who are "on" all the time. Judging by a recent birthday party at "Saturday Night Live" cast member Chris Farley's Hollywood Hills home last week, it seems the latest "SNL" crop are members of the latter group.

At the affair, which drew most of the cast, guests were treated to antics not unlike those that appear on the show. Now, the Social Climes Staff does not really go in for party-pooping, so we'll just say that the spectacle was about as funny as the show itself.


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