Algerian Ivy at Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl grounds crew and myself in particular take umbrage over the bad rap Algerian ivy has been given by some Times readers (letters, Feb. 22 and March 4). Our slopes here at the Hollywood Bowl are graced with acres of Hedera canariensis, commonly known as Algerian ivy.

We've no problem with "rats or mice" making a home in it. Sharp-eyed resident hawks, owls and hungry coyotes keep the rodents in check.

As for it becoming "overgrown and unruly," again we let nature rule. Every winter a local herd of deer (protected by the Santa Monica Conservancy lands) hungrily mow down the ivy for us.

We did have a problem with it during the last drought. It takes water to keep it lush. Now, with rain levels back to normal, happy days are here again. Isn't nature grand?



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