TV Commercials, Rating System

Re "Toss and Tumble," by Ronald Collins, Commentary, March 3:

I hate to argue against idealism, but Collins needs to step into reality. Television programs are created to keep consumers' attention until the next aired commercial. It is that simple. As the Home Shopping Network has proven, programming at all might be optional.

"Free" television is presently struggling with all of its cable competition and desperately needs to create new methods of maintaining its audience to pay the rent at the studio. With the viewer's ability to punch a button and find commercial-free television, injecting the product into the shows themselves seems a logical next step. Sorry, Mr. Collins. Rent a movie.


Los Angeles

* Re "Clinton Vows to Keep Spotlight on TV Chiefs," March 1:

Once again we are seeing Bill Clinton mandating unreasonable government edicts. To even consider rating all television programs is absurd. And if they do, how many people are really going to care? Those who do are the ones who already monitor what their children watch.

Can we next expect Big Brother to recommend penalties for parents who allow their children to watch certain rated programs?

No one really asked for this--all we want is better programs.



* Wouldn't it be easier for all those TV executives to put a simple OK on the two or three programs a day that children can view?


Costa Mesa

* The TV ratings system will have the same effect on homes as banning the sales of spray paint to anyone under 18 has on graffiti. Tennis, anyone?


Sun City

* Re "A Power Ranger Trade War?" California Prospect, March 5: Any Canadian who complains that American television is too violent has not seen a hockey game!



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