Assembly Delays Welfare Cuts for Aged, Disabled

Associated Press

Assembly Republicans, seeking support for Gov. Pete Wilson's bill to make recession welfare cuts permanent, tried Thursday to somewhat protect aged, blind and disabled recipients.

By a 37-28 party-line vote, the Assembly amended the bill to delay its effect for 1 million aged, blind and disabled people who get state welfare checks.

The bill will be considered by the Assembly next week.

Democrats complained that the split was an often-used tactic to distinguish the more politically acceptable aged, blind and disabled from 2.3 million mothers and children on Aid to Families With Dependent Children.

"It's interesting to me that you take a part of those out--aged, blind and disabled, who are voters --and find something for them, and leave AFDC, where 70% of recipients are children," said Assemblywoman Valerie Brown (D-Sonoma).

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