In my review of Charles M. Robinson's "A Good Year to Die" (Jan. 21) I did not describe Hotchkiss guns as "revolving canons." I took enough flak from readers who disliked "Son of the Morning Star." Now I hear them chortling at this absurdity.

Gen. Miles wrote: "The Indians have been half fed. . . ." I accurately paraphrased what he wrote. I did not write: "Native Americans had been half-fed. . . ." Throughout my review, "Indian" had been changed to "Native American." This desperate effort to avoid offending anybody is on a level with Clinton assuring us that he never inhaled.

Incidentally, the adjoining review identifies Russell Means as an "Indian rights activist." Why is he not a "Native American activist"?

God help the republic.


The Hotchkiss guns used at Wounded Knee were breech-loading single-shot canons and not revolving canons, as the editor indicated.

For the Record Los Angeles Times Sunday March 17, 1996 Home Edition Book Review Page 8 Book Review Desk 1 inches; 28 words Type of Material: Correction Letter to the Editor--Regarding author Evan Connell's letter to the Book Editor on March 10 about his review of "A Good Year to Die": We printed the word "canons" when he meant the word "cannons." Again.
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