Zeanah Applauded on Budget Concerns

Jeff Bengston revealed his own ignorance about Thousand Oaks City Council budget policies in his attack on Councilwoman Elois Zeanah (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15).

The budget has two parts, an operating budget and a capital improvement budget. One depends upon the other and [they] are approved at the same time. City Manager Grant Brimhall made an exception this time and did not submit the capital budget with the operating budget. When pressed as to why, Mr. Brimhall tried to make a joke of the matter.

When Councilwoman Zeanah pressed the city manager for answers during the public hearing in several areas, he showed his annoyance. He is not used to being questioned and apparently resents any semblance of oversight.

We should all wonder why the operating budget was over six months late and why the capital improvement budget has not yet been made public. I’m thankful that Councilwoman Zeanah digs in. I just wish the majority of the other council members understood their responsibilities of oversight and accountability to the public.



Thousand Oaks