Pat Buchanan

Re James Pinkerton's March 7 column, "Buchanan May Have Already Won": Pat Buchanan's popularity is growing because the American people have come to realize that policies in a "globalist" Bob Dole presidency would not be any different than they are under "globalist" President Clinton.

The idea that Buchanan would form a third party is ridiculous because at the highest levels of government there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. We're under a one-party system right now!

We are being sold down the river with "free trade" by the same Democrat and Republican Congress that has brought this country to the edge of bankruptcy over the last 30 years with uncontrolled spending and a major depression as the "end-game strategy."

Pinkerton may be right, because if Buchanan has successfully made the American people aware that the conflict is not between Democrats and Republicans but between populists and globalists, "Buchanan may already have won"!



Why is it that Dole and Buchanan remind me of the "Grumpy Old Men"?


Seal Beach

Along with many Americans, I am looking at the Republican primary race with horror. Horror at the thought of having to live four more years of my life with Clinton and horror that the Republicans could not find a candidate better than the sorry slate that they have thus far produced.

I reluctantly voted for Clinton in 1992 because I could not stand any more of the "world's meanest wimp," George Bush. I now think longingly of his whining voice and miss the fact that he at least pretended to be a leader.

It is not too late for the Republicans to accept the truth that Dole is a tired, grumpy old man, who has absolutely zero charisma. Sadly, in spite of Dole's experience and political savvy, you can't teach him charisma.


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