Council to Consider Buying Land Parcels

The Thousand Oaks City Council on Tuesday will consider buying several pieces of land being offered by Ventura County as a result of owners failing to pay their taxes.

The county will hold a sale of the tax-defaulted properties May 15. Seventy of the parcels for sale are within Thousand Oaks' boundaries, or next to public property owned by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency.

All the parcels are south of the Ventura Freeway in three general areas: Ventu Park, next to the Los Robles trail, and in the Skyline neighborhood. Their total cost is $258,486.

City officials recommend that money from the city's bedroom tax fund, which contains about $50,000, be used to buy some of the land. They also suggest using part of the $107,000 in builders' fees from the Dos Vientos Ranch project, or a portion of the $706,000 from the Shapell development, to pay for the land.

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