Wealth, Politics and Republicans

The picture and article from your June 20 front page presented juxtaposition. There is Robert Dole, nominee presumptive of the Republican Party, standing between George Argyros and Donald Bren, two of the wealthiest men in the state. Their millions (billions?) stem from manipulating land deals--not exactly by the sweat of their brows.

The accompanying story recounts a speech earlier in the day wherein Mr. Dole decried the cost of educating the children of illegal immigrants. These children, whose only crime is that they were born in poor country, are to be denied the opportunity of an education which might enable them to better their lives.

Perhaps Mr. Argyros and Mr. Bren would care to use some of their enormous wealth to subsidize the hiring of new teachers that Mr. Dole so plaintively desires.

We hear so much about Christian values today, may I recommend to these three gentlemen that they read Matthew 25:45 to learn what Christ valued.



Santa Ana

* That front-page picture enforces what most residents of South County already knew: Money buys influence, and that is certainly true right here in our backyard. The two biggest power brokers (i.e. developers) of Orange County, George Argyros and Donald Bren, are pictured cozying up to presidential hopeful Bob Dole.

Could it be that they want to ensure their international airport gets a nod of support directly from the White House should Dole manage a win in November?