Recycling to China

* “China Engages in Trash Talking Over Garbage” (June 16) did a good job highlighting the importance of the growing trade of recyclable paper to China. However, the article states that California is seeking to reduce the waste stream because of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. In reality the California Integrated Waste Management Board is spearheading this effort because of state legislation authored in 1989 by then-Assemblyman Byron Sher of Palo Alto and signed into law by then-Gov. George Deukmejian.

Working with local governments, the waste industry, business and the public, the Waste Board has helped California achieve its first milestone goal of reducing waste going to landfills by 25% by 1995. Although getting to 50% by 2000 will be a challenge, we are confident that with the continued cooperation of Californians to reduce unnecessary packaging, reuse materials, recycle and buy recycled products, we can meet this goal.


Chairman, Integrated Waste


Management Board