I enjoyed Patrick Pacheco's piece on TV's best actor, Andre Braugher ("Huggable He's Not," July 14), but who says he's not huggable? In a media culture in which every other actor, actress and pig oozes sentimentality, I want to give Braugher a hug precisely for being a little bit hard to get. I admire him for resisting what must be enormous career pressure to make himself more "salable."

Incidentally, when they're casting the movie version of Christopher Darden's book, it will be the crime of the century if Braugher doesn't play Darden.


Hermosa Beach

Andre Braugher IS huggable. He is a consummate actor, one who is dedicated to his craft and has quietly attracted fans who adore his work.

Braugher is so talented and hard-working, why should he kiss Emmy's fanny? The TV academy should be kissing his, for representing theater arts so brilliantly.


Culver City

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