Who Won What: The Winners of Television’s Nighttime Emmy Awards

Here is the complete list of winners for the 48th annual nighttime Emmy Awards, as announced Saturday and Sunday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

* Comedy series: “Frasier,” NBC.

* Drama series: “ER,” NBC.

* Miniseries: “Gulliver’s Travels,” NBC.


* Made-for-television movie: “Truman,” HBO.

* Variety, music or comedy series: “Dennis Miller Live,” HBO.

* Variety, music or comedy special: “The Kennedy Center Honors,” CBS.

* Cultural program: “Itzhak Perlman: In the Fiddler’s House,” PBS.


* Children’s program: “Peter and the Wolf,” ABC.

* Informational special: “Survivors of the Holocaust,” TBS.

* Informational series: “Time Life’s Lost Civilizations,” NBC.

* Animated program (one hour or less): “A Pinky & the Brain Christmas Special,” WB.


* Actor, comedy series: John Lithgow, “3rd Rock From the Sun,” NBC.

* Actor, drama series: Dennis Franz, “NYPD Blue,” ABC.

* Actor, miniseries or special: Alan Rickman, “Rasputin,” HBO.

* Actress, comedy series: Helen Hunt, “Mad About You,” NBC.


* Actress, drama series: Kathy Baker, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Actress, miniseries or special: Helen Mirren, “Prime Suspect: Scent of Darkness,” PBS.

* Individual performance, variety or music program: Tony Bennett, “Tony Bennett Live by Request: A Valentine Special,” A&E.;

* Supporting actor, comedy series: Rip Torn, “The Larry Sanders Show,” HBO.


* Supporting actor, drama series: Ray Walston, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Supporting actor, miniseries or special: Tom Hulce, “The Heidi Chronicles,” TNT.

* Supporting actress, comedy series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Seinfeld,” NBC.

* Supporting actress, drama series: Tyne Daly, “Christy,” CBS.


* Supporting actress, miniseries or special: Greta Scacchi, “Rasputin,” HBO.

* Guest actor, comedy series: Tim Conway, “Coach,” ABC.

* Guest actor, drama series: Peter Boyle, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Guest actress, comedy series: Betty White, “The John Larroquette Show,” NBC.


* Guest actress, drama series: Amanda Plummer, “The Outer Limits,” Showtime.

* Writing, comedy series: Joe Keenan, Christopher Lloyd, Rob Greenberg, Jack Burditt, Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano, Linda Morris, Vic Rauseo, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Writing, drama series: Darin Morgan, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Writing, miniseries or special: Simon Moore, “Gulliver’s Travels,” NBC.


* Writing, variety or music program: Dennis Miller, Eddie Feldmann, David Feldman, Mike Gandolfi, Tom Hertz, Leah Krinsky, Rick Overton, “Dennis Miller Live,” HBO.

* Directing, comedy series: Michael Lembeck, “Friends,” NBC.

* Directing, drama series: Jeremy Kagan, “Chicago Hope,” CBS.

* Directing, variety or music program: Louis J. Horvitz, “The Kennedy Center Honors,” CBS.


* Directing, miniseries or special: John Frankenheimer, “Andersonville,” TNT.

* Music composition, series: Hummie Mann, “Picture Windows (Language of the Heart),” Showtime.

* Music composition, miniseries or special: Ernest Troost, “The Canterville Ghost,” ABC.

* Music direction: Glen Roven, “Sinatra: 80 Years My Way,” ABC.


* Music and lyrics: Lee Adams, Charles Strouse, “Bye Bye Birdie,” ABC.

* Main title theme music: Mike Post, “Murder One,” ABC.

* Choreography: Anita Mann, Charonne Mose, “1995 Miss America Pageant,” NBC.

* Cinematography, series: John S. Bartley, “The X-Files,” Fox.


* Cinematography, miniseries or special: Elemer Ragalyi, “Rasputin,” HBO.

* Editing, series (single-camera production): Jon Koslowsky, “JAG,” NBC.

* Editing, series (multi-camera production): Ron Volk, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Editing, miniseries or special (single-camera production): David Beatty, “Tuskegee Airmen,” HBO.


* Editing, miniseries or special (multi-camera production): Mark West, “20 Years of Comedy on HBO,” HBO.

* Art direction, series: Paul Eads, Mindy Roffman, Mary Ann Biddle, “Murder One,” ABC.

* Art direction, miniseries or special: Roger Hall, John Fenner, Alan Tomkins, Frederic Evard, Rosalind Shingleton, “Gulliver’s Travels,” NBC.

* Art direction, variety or music program: Val Strazovec, Jim Dultz, Jenny Wilkinson, “Muppets Tonight,” ABC.


* Casting, series: Debi Manwiller, “Chicago Hope,” CBS.

* Casting, miniseries or special: Mary Colquhoun, “Truman,” HBO; Robi Reed-Humes, “Tuskegee Airmen,” HBO.

* Costuming, series: Leslie Simmons Potts, Marion Kirk, Daniel Grant North, “Cybill,” CBS.

* Costuming, miniseries or special: Jean Rosone, “The Christmas Box,” CBS.


* Costume design, series: Carolyn Grifel, “Remember WENN,” American Movie Classics.

* Costume design, miniseries or special: Dinah Collin, “Pride & Prejudice,” A&E.;

* Costume design, variety or music program: Jane Ruhm, “The Best of Tracey Takes On,” HBO.

* Graphic design and title sequences: James Castle, Bruce Bryant, Carol Johnsen, Mark Dennison, “Caroline in the City,” NBC.


* Makeup, series: Michael Westmore, Greg Nelson, Scott Wheeler, Tina Kalliongis-Hoffman, Mark Shostrum, Gil Mosko, Ellis Burman, Steve Weber, Brad Look, “Star Trek: Voyager,” UPN.

* Makeup, miniseries or special: Patricia Green, Kevin Haney, “Kissinger and Nixon,” TNT.

* Hairstyling, series: Karl Wesson, Kelly Kline, Deborah Dobson, Laura Lee Grubich, Virginia Grobeson, Christine Lee, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” CBS.

* Hairstyling, miniseries or special: Aileen Seaton, “Gulliver’s Travels,” NBC.


* Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series: Donald A. Morgan, “Home Improvement,” ABC.

* Lighting direction, drama series, variety series, miniseries or special: Greg Brunton, “The 68th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, series: Michael Starmisky, Les Atkinson, Hank Geving, Dave Levisohn, Wayne Orr, Rob Palmer, John Slagle, Kurt Tonnessen, Bill Gardhouse Jr., Lance Gardhouse, “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” NBC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, miniseries or special: John B. Field, Ted Ashton, David Eastwood, Tom Geren, Larry Heider, David Levisohn, Bill Philbin, David Plakos, Hector Ramirez, Ron Sheldon, Kris Wilson, Thomas G. Tcimpidis, Keith Winikoff, “Sinatra: 80 Years My Way,” ABC.


* Sound editing, series: Thierry J. Couturier, Maciek Malish, Chris Reeves, Michael Goodman, Debby Ruby-Winsberg, Susan Welsh, Michael Kimball, Rick Hinson, Ira Leslie, Marty Stein, Jerry Jacobson, Greg Pusateri, Jeff Charbonneau, Kitty Malone, Joe Sabella, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Sound editing, miniseries or special: G. Michael Graham, Mark Friedgen, Joseph Melody, Anton Holden, Bob Costanza, Tim Terusa, Mike Dickeson, Mark Steele, Darren Wright, Mike Lyle, Gary Macheel, John Adams, Rick Steele, Bill Bell, Kristi Johns, Stan Jones, Mark Hayes, Jill Schachne, Tim Chilton, “Tuskegee Airmen,” HBO.

* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Dana Mark McClure, Thomas J. Huth, David M. Weishaar, Robert Douglass, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Richard Lewzet, Ken Hahn, “Music for the Movies: The Hollywood Sound,” PBS.


* Sound mixing, drama series: Michael Williamson, David J. West, Nello Torri, Doug Turner, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Sound mixing, drama miniseries or special: Richard I. Birnbaum, David E. Fluhr, Sam Black, John B. Asman, “Harvest of Fire,” CBS.

* Individual achievment, informational programming: Tim Shepherd, Richard Kirby, Richard Ganniclift, Neil Bromhall, Gavin Thurston, Michael Pitts (camera), “The Private Life of Plants,” TBS; Allan Holzman (editor), “Survivors of the Holocaust,” TBS.

* Achievement in animation: Natasha Dabizha, “The Animated Tales,” HBO.


* Special visual effects: Tim Webber, “Gulliver’s Travels,” NBC.

* President’s award: “Blacklist: Hollywood on Trial,” American Movie Classics.

* Governors award: “The Native Americans: Behind the Legends, Beyond the Myths,” TBS; “Erase the Hate,” USA.