Hundreds Arrested at Protest Against Redwood Logging

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<i> Associated Press</i>

Scores of environmentalists, among them singer Bonnie Raitt, were arrested Sunday in a demonstration against logging in the world’s last privately owned virgin grove of redwood trees.

Nearly 4,000 protesters converged in front of Pacific Lumber Co.’s Carlotta mill. By early evening between 300 and 400 had been arrested and handcuffed on charges of intentionally trespassing. Among those arrested were families with children.

The coalition of environmental groups opposes Pacific Lumber’s plans to remove dead, dying and diseased timber from about 3,000 acres of the Headwaters Forest.


The company called it a salvage operation, and had approval from courts and state forestry officials. Environmentalists said the logging would damage live trees and harm wildlife habitat.

Pacific Lumber had scheduled work to begin today but agreed to delay it during negotiations focusing on a swap in which Texas billionaire Charles Hurwitz, whose Maxxam Inc. is the parent company of Pacific Lumber, would relinquish control of part of the Headwaters in return for surplus government property elsewhere.